not even a cornucopia, part II

Yesterday I gave you a brief listing of a few things for which I'm thankful as an American expat in London. In part two of this special blogging extravaganza of thankfulness, I'm going to take a slightly more serious tone.

So, without further ado:

I'm thankful for...

...wireless internet and every social networking web site in existence, which together allow me to keep up with my friends and family in the states in a way that wasn't possible for me during my summer here in 2005;

...the technology that my brain can't even wrap around that somehow lets me make phone calls to people in other countries and hear them as if they were standing in the next room;

...my parents, whose unending encouragement, support and belief in me has made everything in my life possible, and who have long instilled in me the sheer balls to say I'm going to do something, and then make it happen;

...mail from the United States of America;

...the opportunity to be the kind of musician that I've always wanted to be, but thought I forfeited a chance at a long time ago;

...marathon e-mails from my best friends;

...looking into the future and seeing a blank page, and the excitement of knowing I can write the story however I choose, and even change my mind about a thousand times if I feel like it;

...getting reacquainted with me;

...the upcoming holiday and a trip to the states, to see all the people who make it my home.

HRH e. cawein
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