he's such a bad influence

While I'd love to opine for a few thousand words about my oldest brother Noah's recent visit to London, I know that I can sum it up in just a few sentences. He came. We drank. And drank. And then drank some more.

During the whirlwind five and a half days or so he was here we definitely operated at a breakneck pace that I'm not accustomed to. We do our fair share of drinking over here, of course, but I also occasionally take breaks to go to class, sing and write papers. Whereas while Noah was here we didn't break for anything. Even to sleep. Or pee.

So I figured I'd just give you some pictoral highlights of the week. In all, it was a ton of fun, though I was exhausted beyond recognition by the time I saw him off at Heathrow. Ah well. Nothing a little nap can't fix!

Because it was Cinco de Mayo, Noah insisted that we all do tequila shots. I opted out because clearly there had to be a photographer. And my liver was crying out for mercy.

A crazy week in just 5 days.

HRH e. cawein
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